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​The Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Environmental Protection works to strengthen the professional basis upon which the ministry's activities are based. The chief scientist does this in coordination with the objectives and goals defined by the minister, director general, and management of the ministry.

The office helps fund research and studies relating to environmental issues via its Requests for Proposals. These studies contribute to a better understanding of the processes that affect the environment in Israel, and thus are an essential factor in the ministry's policy formulation.

The current chief scientist is Dr. Sinaia Netanyahu.

Role of the Chief Scientist

Among the chief scientist's main tasks are:

  • Offers strategic consulting on environmental, scientific, and technological matters to the minister, director general, and the ministry staff - including ways to promote environmental issues in Israel (as is done in leading developed countries and OECD countries) in accordance with international conventions entered into by Israel;
  • Sets research priorities, including multi-disciplinary research related to environmental matters, in consultation with professionals within the ministry and from outside;
  • Puts out Requests for Proposals that reflect the ministry's priorities. Responsible for evaluating research proposals submitted to the ministry. Allots funding for external researchers who work in cooperation with the ministry. Follows up on implementation of those studies, which can be done in a myriad of ways including dissemination of written works, academic conferences and discussions, industrial initiatives, and decision making in the public sector;
  • Maintains and promotes connections with international research institutes and organizations that work in the field of environmental protection, including Circle-2, ENPI-SEIS, the Horizon 2020 Initiative, and the World Health Organization's European Process on Environment and Health. Promotes cooperation with research foundations both in Israel and abroad. Promotes bilateral agreements for the advancement of research and technical assistance in environmental matters;
  • Strengthens existing relationships, and creates new ones, regarding scientific issues and environmental technologies, with: ministry staff, Chief Scientist Offices in other ministries, academia, and industry;
  • Sits on inter-ministerial committees relating to science, strategizing, planning, and more. Involved in promoting environmental studies throughout all levels of the education system;
  • Promotes the study and training in the field of science necessary for environmental protection in Israel. Organizes professional seminars on environmental issues, which take place with the participation of experts from academia, research institutes, industry, the public sector and more. Promotes the environmental standardization issues in the office, in other offices and in the Standards Institute of Israel;
  • Collects national and international environmental data for ministry decision-makers and prepares related reports, including the ministry's annual report:  State of the Environment.

Main Priorities of Chief Scientist

  1. Advancement of scientific knowledge ​that will continue to be the professional and environmental basis for the ministry's work;
  2. Eco-innovation: Establishment and advancement of technological innovation and environmental business models;
  3. Formulation of a national program on health and the environment that will include increased general knowledge about the impact of environmental factors on public health;
  4. Preparation of a national plan for climate change adaptation;
  5. Accessibility of environmental facts and figures to decision makers and to the public, both in Israel and abroad, with the ultimate goal of creating a National System for Environmental Data;
  6. Promotion of relationships with academia and with research institutes and organizations;
  7. Encouragement of environmental science research studies at the high school level.

Office Staff / Contact Information

​Title Name ​Tel. Fax​ ​E-mail
Chief Scientist​ ​Dr. Sinaia Netanyahu ​02-655-3755 02-655-3752​

Deputy Chief Scientist​​ Dr. Orna Bergerzon​ 03-763-4453​ 03-763-4401​​

Head of Science Unit​ ​Dr. Orna Matzner 02-649-5845​ 02-649-5854​

​Manager, Chief Scientist's Office ​Viki Hay ​02-655-3755/6 02-655-3752​
Senior Research Coordinator ​Racheli Yehoshua ​02-655-3754 02-655-3752​


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