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  • MoEP: Air Pollution in Haifa Bay Down 70% since 2009

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Environment Bulletin

  • A Biannual Publication
    Environment Bulletin cover, Vol. 41, Feb. 2015

    This issue focuses on several high priority items on the Ministry of Environmental Protection's agenda in 2014. These include the creation of a ...

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  • Rising sea levels and subsequent flooding are anticipated results of climate change. Photo: Ilan Malester
    The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is heading an interministerial committee that is preparing a national climate change adaptation program, in accordance with a June 2009 Government ...
  • On the International Front Logo
    From talking with China about environmental protection technology to using technology to develop a greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy... Following is a look at ...
  • Dog holds up sign saying "We also have feelings"
    A reminder to pet owners to take special care of your pets on holidays, as certain holidays can be frightening, or even dangerous to animals. At issue: loud noises from fireworks, food scraps, open ...
  • The first-of-its-kind urban nature reserve in Israel has finally been opened to the public. A ceremony to mark the opening of Gazelle Valley Park was held on Monday, ...

Nurturing Nature: A Look at the Environment, Triumphs and Challenges in Israel

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